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Hugo Milano jerks off

Hunky Hugo Milano is a sexy, soft spoken bisexual 20 year old who hails from Tucson, Arizona. A good buddy of mine works out at the gym where Hugo works as a personal trainer and, after a few obvious glances in the locker room one day, decided to chat up the gorgeous gym god. After a few hot and sweaty personal training sessions in my buddy’s bedroom, he asked Hugo if he’d ever considered doing porn.

Did I ever tell you I have the best buds ever?! Once I finally got Hugo out to L.A. he was only too eager to strip down and show us all what years of personal training can do for a body and, let me tell ya, this stud does not disappoint; This kid knows how to put on a show. Check him out, you’ll thank me for it.

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Leo Giamani sucks Forest

Forest Winters has already started people talking with his debut on Randy Blue.  His big muscular arms, nice thick legs, and gorgeous chest are enough to make any man drool with desire.  And that face, that adorable face could charm the paint off the walls.  And then there’s Leo Giamani

This guy looks like he wasn’t so much born as constructed.  A hunk of pure metal for a torso, two tree trunks for legs, a few pounds of muscle for arms and a face sculpted by the most skilled artist.  Not to mention a massive cannon, cocked and loaded between his legs.  Since Forest is still sort of new I wanted to ease him into the way things are done here.  And let’s face it.  Leo’s cock is not for the newbie

Since most people would assume if Leo’s around, he would be the one to be serviced, but I thought it would be a good idea to let Forest lie back and let Leo do the fancy tongue work.  Plus, I love watching Leo suck cock.  With the attention always on his hot body and huge dick I really wanted to highlight a talent that often goes unnoticed, his ability to make a man squirm in pleasure as he blows like nobody’s business.

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Brit bloke Jamie jerks off

Fast cars and fast women are what 19 year old Jamie is all about. When he and his mate, out very own Jake S, hit the town no girl in her right mind could possibly resist. Not to mention one or two of us I have to add.

Just imagine Jake with his ten inch monster and Jamie with his own impressive member and you have all the ingredients needed for a high octane meet – or should that be meat? Foot fetishists can see a dazzling display of toe sucking, the horniest I have ever seen.

Jamie gives us a wonderful video, standing up we get so close to his throbbing dick it is within mouths reach, sofa fucking and wanking hard he finally comes over himself from above, almost a self facial. But he makes up for it, scooping some of his tasty spunk and licking it from his fingers. High octane stuff indeed.

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Scally lads Cal and Kyle

Cal is a postman and when he delivered a package to Kyle he got more than he bargained for. Kyle immediately took a shine to this chavvy lad and complimented him on his own package! Cal then invited Kyle to open it up! Kyle took Cal straight upstairs and these horny fuckers then got dirty on the bed.

Kyle ripped of Cal’s hi-viz jacket and shirt and trousers. These slim, toned lads were both rock hard and wasted no time sucking each other off, before doing some hot “69-ing”. Both lads smoked and drank beer whilst been sucked off – as scally boys do! Kyle turned on to his front and Cal stuck his tongue deep up his cute arse. He spat into Kyle’s hole to lube it up further. He really loved eating out that shaved man-hole.

Cal is usually a bottom lad but he was so horned up that he agreed to fuck Kyle. First he “spooned” him, then did him from behind standing up. Kyle loved Cal’s big, thick uncut cock inside him, but was keen to fuck Cal’s tight hole. The boys flipped and Kyle proceeded to pound Cal hard and deep.

Enjoy as Cal keeps moaning and exclaiming “fuck, fuck”! The lads wanked off some more before shooting their loads. First Cal shot a huge squirt of cum all over Kyle’s face and mouth. Kyle licked it up and swallowed it. Then Kyle returned the favour by shooting his hot white jizz into Cal’s face, hitting him straight in the eye. Painful!

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