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Straight boy gets a helping hand

February 26th, 2010

Rocko said he might be up for doing a Helping Hand video, but wanted to wait until after he got out of the military. So, fresh out of the Marines he gave me a call. He’s got one big dick I knew was going to be fun to jerk off.

There was a cute nervousness about him during the shoot. Like most of the straight guys, he was a little surprised at not only how quick his dick got hard, but at one point he had to stop me because he was going to bust too soon. I could tell something was up by the look on his face so I asked if he was alright.

“Yeah. I already feel like I’m gonna go. I don’t know why.”

I tried to keep him on the edge for as long as I could before putting him down on his back for the grand finale. He ended up blowing a sticky load of cum all over my hand and his furry stomach, with a little “Oh fuck” gasp of disbelief at what just happened.

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A bareback flipflop fuck

February 20th, 2010

We’re diving back into the vaults again and have uncovered a lost gem. We take you back to May 2009 when Brent Biscayne was a star and Lance Bennett knew how to bottom: Brent Biscayne has been curious about what it would be like to have sex with a guy, but hasn’t gone through with it. Lance Bennett decides to change that. “I’ve got your back.” he tells Brent and the two hunks begin to kiss.

For a guy who’s never done anything like this before, Brent takes Lance’s cock with ease in both his mouth and even his ass, bareback! When the tables are turned, it’s Lance who winds up having trouble taking it in the ass. In his defense, Brent’s cock could make even a more experienced bottom take pause, just look at the size of that thing! Lance soldiers through as much as he can take before the boys break to jerk off, each cumming all over Lance abs and chest. Brent admits the experience was a little weird, but he enjoyed it.

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Beautiful Marley jerks off

February 16th, 2010

I met Marley on my last trip to Rio in a club called The Week. He got introduced to me by my friend Thiago and when he found out that I owned BangBangBoys he wanted to work for me so bad. This tall, dark and lean spunk gave us this fantastic video as a result. He has just the right amount of hair on his body and a fantastic cock. Expect to see a lot more videos of him soon.

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Straight guy tortured and abused

February 13th, 2010

Todd is almost at his physical limit, but I make him endure more. Trussed up and bent over a bench, I order him to pull himself up over and over again. He’s soon groaning, pleading for me to let him stop. Out come the whips. A flogger on his inviting naked arse soon gets him moving again, with every lift obviously agony for his burning muscles. I take a crop to his now red cheeks, and lash him with the unforgiving stick, which yields a few more laboured crunches.

When Todd can absolutely do no more, I give him a few blows with the nastiest paddle I own. He is broken. Time to put him to use. Since the lazy cunt seems to want a rest, I strap him up in an unforgiving kneeling bondage position, his muscular arms held behind him, rendering him bent and helpless. With his head so conveniently placed, and my tools of pain so close at hand, it’s not surprising that he isn’t able to stop me forcing my cock into his unwilling mouth.

I slide my hard dick in and out of his face, gagfucking his throat, pressing his head all the way down to make him swallow the whole length. When I’ve finished with his mouth, I immediately plug his now defunct hole with an inflatable gag, blowing up the inner bulb to its biggest size, completely muffling any sounds the unhappy straight man may be about to make at my forthcoming assault on his anus.

With his only positional choices being head up on head down, all Todd can do is tense up and scream into his gag as I slam my rigid cock into his temptingly raised arsehole. His smooth, firm cheeks provide a stunningly horny frame to the sight of my meat being rammed in and out of one of the tightest holes I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. Todd groans and tries to move away, but all it takes is a firm grip on his arm harness, pushing his face to the bench and keeping his anus humiliatingly available for my use. A faceload of my hot spunk cements Todd’s new place in the gym pecking order – cum covered sex toy.

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Tristan Mathews jerks off

February 7th, 2010

When I first saw Tristan’s picture, I said “Yes please!” With his boyish looks, tight body, rocking ass, and man paint I couldn’t help recalling all of my high school fantasies. This was the boy next door that filled my teenage mind with sexual thoughts and yearnings for my straight friends. His entrancing eyes and deep smoldering stares made it hard for me to not explode right there. I loved watching Tristan jack off his hot cock and pushing his sweet ass open for the camera. Hopefully we can convince Tristan to come back and show us what he can do with that hot cock when he fucks another guy!

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Cute latin boy Mark jerks off

February 6th, 2010

Relaxin’ by the pool, sexy Latino Mark beefs it up for the camera! He shows of his hard bod, firm ass and whacks his cock to a creamy outdoor finish.

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