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Butch Dixon bukkake party

For his first anniversary, Butch Dixon decided he wanted to do something fun and kinky. So he assembled six hot hairy men who appeared on his site in the past year, and then, he got one of the hottest cocksuckers, Ben Statham, to take care of these horny men. Ben Statham is one superb cocksucker, he could suck the freckles off a redhead. Ben gets down on his knees and these six hairy men encircle him and Ben goes to work.

He takes a turn slobbering all over each of their big nobs. And if you’re a fan of foreskin, you’re going ot love this video – every one of these men is uncut. When Ben has had his fill of dick, he sits back in a chair, and then, one by one, the men spew their loads all over his face and chest. I have to say, Butch Dixon sure has a way of making a birthday party fun!

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Scally lad Sam and his Fleshlight

We were delighted to get Sam to do a shoot for UKSL, after talking about it for ages! This cheeky little lad lives just outside London, with his boyfriend who also does porn. Lets hope to get them to do a duo scene together soon.

Sam wore navy blue trackie bottoms, a red England footy top, white Adidas trainers and a blue Adidas cap. Although he said he didn’t need it I put porn on in the background and left him to it. He didn’t take long to get rock hard – I could see the evidence of his cock bulging up inside his trackies! Sam then started to jerk off, moaning with pleasure as he rubbed his nice, juicy 8-inch cock up and down as he lay back on the sofa. He smoked a ciggie and drank some beer as this hot, horny wank-fest continued.

Sam brought along a couple of sex toys of his own to spice up the shoot. First, he clasped a large FleshLight over his stiff uncut dick and proceeded to fuck the hell out of it. Then, although normally a top, he used a butt plug on his tight man-hole, sliding it in gently at first, before building up speed and forcing it all the way in.

Finally after an awesome performance, Sam was ready to unload. Lying back on the sofa he jerked off some more before he shot a fountain of hot, sticky jizz high into the air and then all over his body. He then licked some of it up. Very hot!

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The offering: a new slave boy

The House has the offering hour on a weekly basis where anybody may submit himself as a slave to the House. Most are turned away instantly but a few are lucky eough to have a second look by a house master. Nick Moretti is standing the post this week and Dylan Deap conjures enough courage to enter the House. Nick takes a liking to Dylan and decides to give him a full session. Dylan endures the crop, electrified metal cage, the zapper, the heavy flogger, the sharp cane and finally a hard bondage fuck.

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