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Marco fucks Korben on the Mats

September 20th, 2010

Marco Salqueiro and Korben David are taking their frustrations to the wrestling mats and Butch Dixon was there with his video camera. These two hairy men are wearing their wrestling singlets and their bulges are showing quite nicely. As the men tumble and wrestle on the mats, you can clearly see their cocks getting stiffer and bigger.

Eventually Marco grabs Korben’s head and pushes it into his growing bulge; and finally, hairy wrestler Marco releases his 9-inch cock and Korben starts slobbering all over it. Marco slips out of his wrestling singlet and climbs on top of Korben and stuffs his big Brazilian dick down Korben’s throat. Korben peels out of his singlet and Marco crawls on top of him with the two wrestlers entwining in a hot, 69 cocksucking session.

Korben untangles himself and gets down on the mats on all fours, Marco slides in behind him and starts pushing his big cock into Korben’s ass. After fucking Korben’s ass hard and fast, hairy man Marco manoeuvres to the bottom’s face and blasts a thick load of spunk all over Korben’s lips; this sends Korben over the edge and he dumps his load all over his hairy abs.


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Skater boy strokes his big cock

September 11th, 2010

Dallas Dave is a straight long haired skater dude with a nice thick cock. He’s soft-spoken, but don’t let that fool you. When he gets hard he claims to like it rough. Dallas Dave has a certain closeness with his dick that indicates he’s spent a lot of time giving it the attention it deserves!

Download the full video here

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Austin, Ashton and AJ at Boy Gusher

September 3rd, 2010

Welcome back, once again I had one of those full blown parties that I have about once a month, and I was lucky enough to have 3 horny young drunk guys staying overnight at my house. As soon as I saw the three of them in bed together I knew they were going to get naked and naughty, and damn I was right.

I caught them gobbling down Austin’s hard dick right off the bat, it didn’t take AJ and Ashton long to get him out of his boxers and into their hungry mouths. I swear you can hear Austin’s moaning in the next block he is so loud and excited about how the boys are eating his meat. It doesn’t take long with these two horny boys working on his dick before Austin explodes his manly seed all over them and his stomach.


Then it is Ashton’s turn. He slides up into the bed and Austin and Aj begin to suck on his dick through his white briefs. He gets super hard almost immediately and they take out that cock and take turns licking, sucking and jerking on it as he moans his pleasure. As one hard guy sucks on his dick other takes his turn sucking on his balls. It is obvious these boys don’t mind sharing and Ashton is so happy that they are giving his dick so much pleasure. He is soon exploding his dick cream on his stomach, and we all know what is coming next.


It is Aj’s turn to have his dick abused until it explodes.¬†Ashton loves cock you can tell by how he grabs Aj’s dick and begins to suck the fuck out of it, of course he had to wait his turn because Austin had to have his turn first. When Austin takes his turn again as the cock helm, Ashton moves up to lick and nibble on Aj’s nipples. In the meantime Austin is still bobbing his head up and down riding that cock with his mouth as Aj moans his pleasure.

Ashton then takes his turn again at sucking his cock. Then the wildest thing happened. Ashton moves to the back, and Aj moves to lie in between his legs. Ashton then strokes his cock some and then Austin takes control. This boy is getting the special treatment from the two of them and it only takes a few more minutes of this intense jerking before he explodes his own rich cream.


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