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Santos fucks Rod Daily

November 23rd, 2010

Rod and Santos are back from their weekend soccer game where Rod had some great moves. During the conversation their eyes wonder and they begin to admire each other’s bodies. A little showing off leads to some touching causing soccer balls to be the last thing on their mind. Santos fucks Rod Daily in several positions before he shoors a thick load!

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AJ Monroe jerks off in the tub

November 22nd, 2010

We are happy to have AJ Monroe jerking off for us in this sexy vid! While shaving his face, AJ tells us a little bit about himself – then he throws off his towel and hopes in the tub. AJ gets all soapy, and in the process is really horned up. We think AJ gets into as many positions as he possibly can, showing off his nice cock, hot ass, and smooth 20 year old bod. AJ ends up shooting a hot load all over the glass panel and ends the vid by taking a taste of his own cum.

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Fucked by a gigantic black cock

November 18th, 2010

Greetings you sick size-queens! Today we brought in this guy Wade. He is an older businessman with a big cock craving. I really think you will all love how he says “it won’t be a big deal” to take Castro’s Mammoth-sized cock up his ass. I will have to be short by saying “it was!” And he nearly started crying! Fucking classic!

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Jake Cruise swallows 9,5 inches

November 13th, 2010

Like a solid piece of exercise equipment, Beau Flexxx is hard, durable and a pleasure to work on. I was impressed right away by Beau’s V-shaped frame and lightly touched his rock-hard abs before checking out the bulge beneath his workout shorts. He gladly struck a few bodybuilding poses, which made the prospect of taking care of him even more erotic. He smiled shyly when I asked him to strip down.

Starting slowly with my tongue sliding up and down his shaft, I was soon swallowing all 9 1/2 inches. As this young stud lay back on the bed looking down at me, I serviced him from several angles, I teased him by bringing him to the edge of pleasure several times before holding back. I took my time orally, tasting his hard-on and letting him feed it to me from above before our hot session reached its climax.

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