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“Out and About” with Jimmy Coxxx

December 21st, 2010

In this week’s Out in Public I’m chilling with the homie Jimmie Coxxx. He’s out to get some ass and I’m here to help him out in his quest. So we’re out and about and we’re at this old gas station just trying to get some drinks and we come across this dude who looks like my boy’s type. We go ahead and approach the dude to see what he is about and, of course, i had to throw some money up in the air to see what he says!

This dude actually says “the hell” with the money lol what the hell? Anyway, he is down to get some action with my boy.. so we find a nice spot for these two to get it on… Stay tuned!

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Nick Sterling for Randy Blue

December 19th, 2010

Nick Sterling spends a lot of his time yelling at people.  As the head trainer at a boot camp workout place he’s used to running people into the ground.  But you can hardly blame him.  If they come out looking half as good as he does it will all be worth it.  His beautiful muscle stud gym body is so cut you could run your tongue through every single ridge and crease and hit every single muscle.

His handsome face and charming smile, coupled with his outgoing friendly personality, would never lead you to believe this guy has an enormous sexual appetite and a penchant for dirty sex.  He’s adventurous in all things outside of the bedroom and was hesitant to talk about what he does behind closed doors for fear of scaring our audience away.

Little does he know you guys will totally eat it up.  We’ll just have to get him on Randy Blue to spill his beans, or throw him in with one of our other adventurous dirty boys and see what happens.  His deep groans and nasty talk highlight the movement of his sweaty body as he works his cock for all it’s worth.  And his voice gets louder and louder as his heat grows and grows until his load not only shoots with incredible force, it erupts in a spray of hot steamy jizz that lands all over his smooth chest.

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Golden Gate: The Island of lost Toys

December 7th, 2010

They say that San Francisco will take you in when no one else will, but thats little comfort to Alejandro who has traveled twenty hours to see Adam,  only to get stood up. Without Adam to pick him up, Alejandro’s lost, a stranger in a very strange land. When he stumbles across a cafe, and a chance meeting with Robert his luck finally takes a turn for the better.

Above are some hot pictures from the Raging Stallion video Golden Gate 2: The Island of Lost Toys. The full length video is now available at Naked Sword. Naked Sword offers thousands of full length movies for unlimited viewing and new titles are added daily.

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