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Hot twinks suck and fuck

Jay Cloud is just trying to take a leak, simultaneously daydreaming of something sex-like and special. Along comes Jordan Foster, who needs to check himself out in the mirror. In no time at all, Jordan is checking out something else entirely, namely, Jay’s big meatstick. Watch as the two of them fuck, suck & “drain the main vein” together.

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Max London fucks Sean Everett

Be prepared for some hardcore gay porn. In today’s Randy Blue episode, Max London fucks Sean Everett’s asshole and it’s a pretty rough and aggresive ride. Max London is a pretty demanding guy and as soon as he is paired up with Sean, he makes Sean suck his enormous cock. When he’s hard and wet, he flips Sean over and spits in his hungry hole.

Wether Sean is ready for it or not, Max rams his big cock deep inside Sean’s asshole and starts pounding away. You can see from Sean’s face that it hurts, but at the same time he really enjoys the aggresive fuck Max is giving him.

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Getting fucked at the plant nursery

In this week’s Out in Public, I’m chilling out with my homie Cole Streets and I promised him a day at the beach, but I had to go to a plant nursery first to get some plants for my new pad.. He was bitchy about it but w.e I gotta do what I gotta do.. So we get there and the help isn’t very helpful so I ask the owner of the nursery and, guess what, he seems to be diggin my boy out!

So I kinda link them up to work for me on my yard and they just start getting it on right there infront of everyone in the nursery…talk about “save the trees” lol I hope you guys enjoy this update.

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Well hung Ethan gets fucked by Oscar

Today Ethan is back at Sean Cody – there is something really adorable about Ethan. He is a typical next-door-boy type of guy and even looks a little dorky from time to time. However Ethan is not that average, cause he has a monster in his pants. After Ethan fucked Lance and Curtis, I am glad to see Ethan being the bottom again.

Oscar is 100% top and hasn’t been fucked before. He gets the chance to ride Ethan’s hot asshole in this Sean Cody episode. The guys start out with some blowjobs and even some 69 – but soon Oscar fucks the hell out of our big dicked bottom boy Ethan.

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