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Abusing straight boy Bryan

Straight boy Bryan abused

Athletic, muscular and handsome, this straight young lad thinks very highly of himself. It’s time to bring him down to earth by demonstrating what a foul beast he really is.  Bryan is given a stern lesson in dog training where he must demean himself crawling naked across the floor on the sensitive tips of his elbows and knees.

Dave inserts a buttplug up his arse so he feels every movement deep in his arse as he lumbers painfully across the floor. Whenever he pushes it out of his hole Dave gives his butt a sharp whack with the paddle to drive it back in.

Nick arrives on the scene to admire what a fine pup Dave is parading around. He kindly gives the dog his thick cock to suck on while Dave fucks his widened arsehole. Panting and thoroughly debased Bryan is covered in his master’s fresh spunk.

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Spencer fucks Kodi hard

Spencer fucks Kodi at Broke Straight Boys

This is a bit of an experimental scene from Broke Straight Boys and thus it’s a little different from what we are used to. Kodi and Spencer have both been bragging how aggresive they are with the ladies and now it’s the time to show us their aggressive and nasty sides. Spencer plays the all consuming top and Kodi takes the role of the pass around bottom. Neither one disappoints!

I have checked out some of the member comments on Broke Straight Boys and almost all of them are extremely positive, so I take it that the experiment is a success. I honestly think that this more aggressive scene with these two hot boys is one of the best Broke Straight Boys videos ever!

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