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Issac Jones and Harley Everett fuck Marco Sessions

September 7th, 2012

Marco Sessions, Issac Jones and Harley Everett in Paparazzi

Shady Paparazzo Marco Sessions is caught photographing private information about the star he is stalking: Issac Jones. With no way out, Marco submits to being force fed the massive boner of the star’s bodyguard, Harley Everett. Still not satisfied, Issac and Harley take turns fucking Marco’s ass giving him a lesson he won’t soon forget!

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Spencer fucks Kodi hard

July 1st, 2012

Spencer fucks Kodi at Broke Straight Boys

This is a bit of an experimental scene from Broke Straight Boys and thus it’s a little different from what we are used to. Kodi and Spencer have both been bragging how aggresive they are with the ladies and now it’s the time to show us their aggressive and nasty sides. Spencer plays the all consuming top and Kodi takes the role of the pass around bottom. Neither one disappoints!

I have checked out some of the member comments on Broke Straight Boys and almost all of them are extremely positive, so I take it that the experiment is a success. I honestly think that this more aggressive scene with these two hot boys is one of the best Broke Straight Boys videos ever!

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David Chase fucks Chris Stevens

January 7th, 2012

David Chase fucks Chris Stevens

David Chase is here to help kick off 2012 right. David also brought along a familiar face, Chris Stevens, to help out. David comes home lookin’ for his wife but finds Chris baby sitting instead. They start catching up on stuff when David starts to bitch about how his wife won’t put out anymore as he grabs his cock through his shorts.

That’s all the invitation Chris needs. Brother in law of the year goes to Chris who is more than happy to perform her spousal duties as he devours David’s cock. David groans as he watches Chris eagerly nurse on his meat. David then stands Chris up and takes Chris’ cock down his throat. David then bends Chris over on the couch and gets to work eating that ass.

Chris arches his back wanting to give David all access as David shoves his face deep into that ass sending his tongue deep inside. Chris then straddles that dick and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl. Chris needs to baby sit more often. David bounces Chris’ hot ass on his dick harder as Chris twirls around and rides that dick facing David.

Next he gets Chris on his back, flips his legs up over his head and pile drives his dick deep into that hole. He does squats into that ass as he jerks Chris’s dick off making him shoot his nut all over his own face and open mouth. David then pulls out his cock and kneels over Chris’ face and adds even more cream to the glaze.

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Horny amateur boys

December 30th, 2011

Horny amateur boys with big cocks

Some of our favorite boyfriend sites have introduced a new multi-site access pass, called Boyfriend Pass. With this pass you get access to over 20 amateur sites with thousands of photos and videos. If you’re a fan of amateurs, make sure to get your pass! Memberships start at 1 dollar each.

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Broke boys fuck for Cash

May 22nd, 2011

Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys is pleased to welcome back hot favourite, Jamie, while introducing Tony. Jamie and Tony work together at a cell phone shop but as Jamie is still pretty broke, he knows he needs to pull out the big guns at BSB to earn any more cash, thus, the reason he has brought Tony into the studio today. Tony has just been fired from his day job, and like Jamie, is in need of some easy cash, however, he thinks he is here just for a dual jerk off session for $200 while Jamie has already said that he will be fucking Tony up the ass.

I told the boys to get undressed; Tony, who had cropped dark blonde hair and blue eyes, stripped off his clothes, revealing a lean but muscular build that was decorated with a few tattoos while Jamie did the same. The two boys sat side by side on the bed, lubing up and playing with their cocks as they worked on getting hard.

As they jacked off, Jamie told Tony that he could make more money by sucking cock, Tony immediately asked how much more before Jamie dropped his bombshell and said that if Tony took a dick up his ass, the money would probably be enough to pay his rent for a month and a half. Tony took only a second or two to think about it and even though he was a cock virgin, he was desperate enough to agree an additional $725 in order to get fucked by Jamie.

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Coach Maddox takes a sports exam

April 10th, 2011

It’s awesome to see a wrestling coach take an interest in his boy’s physical health. So when Coach Maddox stopped on by looking to get his team scheduled for a sports exam I was so happy that Dr. Phingerfuck was away on vacation. While the doctor is away Nurse Powers will play. I set his teams appointment and figured I’d give the coach my own examination right then and there. Once I got him to strip off all of his clothes and on to the exam table my mouth was on that cock faster than lighting.

Coach Maddox used and abused my mouth as he rammed and gave me as much of his cock as I could handle. The hot coach unloaded his hot cum all over my face, chest and pants. He then quickly got dressed and headed out the door. My throbbing hard cock was in need of some major release after getting my face jizzed on by that muscle stud.

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