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Spencer fucks Kodi hard

Spencer fucks Kodi at Broke Straight Boys

This is a bit of an experimental scene from Broke Straight Boys and thus it’s a little different from what we are used to. Kodi and Spencer have both been bragging how aggresive they are with the ladies and now it’s the time to show us their aggressive and nasty sides. Spencer plays the all consuming top and Kodi takes the role of the pass around bottom. Neither one disappoints!

I have checked out some of the member comments on Broke Straight Boys and almost all of them are extremely positive, so I take it that the experiment is a success. I honestly think that this more aggressive scene with these two hot boys is one of the best Broke Straight Boys videos ever!

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Broke boys fuck for Cash

Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys is pleased to welcome back hot favourite, Jamie, while introducing Tony. Jamie and Tony work together at a cell phone shop but as Jamie is still pretty broke, he knows he needs to pull out the big guns at BSB to earn any more cash, thus, the reason he has brought Tony into the studio today. Tony has just been fired from his day job, and like Jamie, is in need of some easy cash, however, he thinks he is here just for a dual jerk off session for $200 while Jamie has already said that he will be fucking Tony up the ass.

I told the boys to get undressed; Tony, who had cropped dark blonde hair and blue eyes, stripped off his clothes, revealing a lean but muscular build that was decorated with a few tattoos while Jamie did the same. The two boys sat side by side on the bed, lubing up and playing with their cocks as they worked on getting hard.

As they jacked off, Jamie told Tony that he could make more money by sucking cock, Tony immediately asked how much more before Jamie dropped his bombshell and said that if Tony took a dick up his ass, the money would probably be enough to pay his rent for a month and a half. Tony took only a second or two to think about it and even though he was a cock virgin, he was desperate enough to agree an additional $725 in order to get fucked by Jamie.

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Hot interracial blowjob

Jamal and Sean were both in need of some extra spending money and they both know the quickest way to earn the dough they needs is from the guys at Broke Straight Boys. Sean had recently been in to see the guys and had gotten fucked in his ass for the first time. He said he wasn’t doing that again, but he was down for sucking some cock. He was a little bit nervous though because he had never messed around with a black guy and assumed he had a huge cock. He assumed correctly.

The guys stripped down and Sean thought he could handle Jamal’s cock so he leaned in and went for it. He started out slow, but quickly let his mind drift and really started sucking some cock. Jamal even commented that Sean sucked a mean dick for a white boy as he pushed his head down so Sean could take all his cock down his throat. Sean got Jamal rock hard with his mouth, but Jamal was so big he had to stretch his lips to get them around that thundering piece of black meat. Continue…

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Logan and Fernando

Fernando has been a longtime fan of the Broke Straight Boys site. One day at highschool he saw a familiar face and recognized Logan from Broke Straight Boys. Later at home Fernando watched all the videos of Logan again and the next day he confronted him. Logan confirmed it was really him.

Fernando was curious about it all and they talked about the shoots all night. The next day Logan called us and told us Fernando was interested to do a shoot with us as well. We decided it would be fun to get both of them on set and shoot a movie of them together.

Two straight boys from the same highschool touching and sucking eachother’s dicks. Wow, that’s just hot!

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Diesel and Jimmy oral

I invited Jimmy to come back after he did a solo shoot with us to do an oral scene to make some more money. We talked on the phone to see what I could get him to agree to. I just explained that if he was going to do it, we needed him to both give and receive oral. Jimmy has worked in the porn industry before, so he has some experience with guys just still pretty limited.

In the shoot we started talking with Jimmy first, and then we brought in Diesel in after Jimmy’s introduction. Diesel is a fan favorite on the site who I have been after to do some more work. In a joking manner we talked about how big Diesel’s cock happens to be, and tried to freak Jimmy out a little bit. In just doing some casual talk with the two of them I found out that Diesel actually had been able to get two jobs, while Jimmy on the other hand happens to be unemployed.

To begin I had the guys start with taking off their shirts and we talked about Diesel’s girlfriend not knowing what he does to make the money. Surprising enough she hasn’t found any of his emails on his computer. I had them go for their pants and so when they were stripping off the jeans I had them stand back to back. This way I could compare their height, size, and feet. Taking a seat on the couch they talked about who was going to start giving oral first, and Jimmy wanted to get it over with. Watching the porn for a moment they were able to get their dicks to grow. The last to come off was their underwear and I didn’t want to waste much more time with them talking. I told Jimmy that he should just start giving head.

Jimmy leaned over and took the cock in his mouth, and it seemed like Diesel was enjoying it after a few minutes. By the way he was thrusting his hips up into Jimmy’s mouth to fuck it. Watching Jimmy it was clear that he had sucked a couple of cocks with the other companies. Diesel was rock hard, and to give Jimmy’s jaw a break I told him that he could just work on jerk Diesel off.

At one point Diesel even reached over to jerk Jimmy off to get him hard. I had Diesel stand in front of the couch and Jimmy leaned forward and resumed sucking on Diesel’s monster of a cock. After a while though his muscles were starting to give out and so they positioned themselves on the couch. Jimmy rubbed Diesel’s stomach and chest while he gave head. Jimmy seemed to be turned on by the oral and before he started to jerk off with some lube I had to stop him. I wanted Diesel to give some oral, before Jimmy’s dick got all lubed up.

Diesel knew that he had to do it, leaning over he put the limp dick in his mouth. Sucking cock Diesel just kept a pretty steady pace while Jimmy lightly pressed down on his head. After a while Diesel was pausing a bit more while he was giving a blow job, and when I saw him go to sucking on Jimmy’s nipple I knew that he was just trying to stop giving head. When he sat up I told the two of them that I wanted to see them kiss.

Both went in for it and started to lock lips and used some tongue. They were getting very into each other during the shoot, and there seemed to be a connection between them. Jimmy went back to sucking on Diesel’s dick, and kissed his way up from his dick to his lips. There was much more dick sucking, kissing, and jerking between them. Both were giving a hand job with lots of lube, so it was just going to be a matter of time before they shot their loads.

To get the job done Diesel took over and jerked himself off, so that way he would be able to have an orgasm. As he got close I heard a warning that he was getting close to shooting. Pointing his dick up into the air cum shot up and started to spray everywhere. Next to go was Jimmy who only needed a minute before he gave me a warning that he was ready. Jimmy was more of a dribbler, covering his two hands in his load. Knowing that there was chemistry between the two of them in the shoot, I wanted them to go all the way in another shoot when they come back. I already had been talking to Diesel about taking a dick in his ass. Keep watching for anal.

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