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Prison sex threesome

Johnny Hazard, Gio Cruz and Aitor Crash

Butch Dixon is home to big guys with big cocks and big sexual appetites – and now and then, some big names. Getting all those in one scene is a special treat and here we have just that. There isn’t a bottom guy quite like the legendary Johnny Hazzard, Aitor Crash mesmerizes with his lithe, animalistic performance and Gio Cruz is a cum-gun that’s cocked and ready to fire any time. This international mix is explosive; stamd well back, we’re about to light the touch-paper.

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Marco fucks Korben on the Mats

Marco Salqueiro and Korben David are taking their frustrations to the wrestling mats and Butch Dixon was there with his video camera. These two hairy men are wearing their wrestling singlets and their bulges are showing quite nicely. As the men tumble and wrestle on the mats, you can clearly see their cocks getting stiffer and bigger.

Eventually Marco grabs Korben’s head and pushes it into his growing bulge; and finally, hairy wrestler Marco releases his 9-inch cock and Korben starts slobbering all over it. Marco slips out of his wrestling singlet and climbs on top of Korben and stuffs his big Brazilian dick down Korben’s throat. Korben peels out of his singlet and Marco crawls on top of him with the two wrestlers entwining in a hot, 69 cocksucking session.

Korben untangles himself and gets down on the mats on all fours, Marco slides in behind him and starts pushing his big cock into Korben’s ass. After fucking Korben’s ass hard and fast, hairy man Marco manoeuvres to the bottom’s face and blasts a thick load of spunk all over Korben’s lips; this sends Korben over the edge and he dumps his load all over his hairy abs.


Butch Dixon bukkake party

For his first anniversary, Butch Dixon decided he wanted to do something fun and kinky. So he assembled six hot hairy men who appeared on his site in the past year, and then, he got one of the hottest cocksuckers, Ben Statham, to take care of these horny men. Ben Statham is one superb cocksucker, he could suck the freckles off a redhead. Ben gets down on his knees and these six hairy men encircle him and Ben goes to work.

He takes a turn slobbering all over each of their big nobs. And if you’re a fan of foreskin, you’re going ot love this video – every one of these men is uncut. When Ben has had his fill of dick, he sits back in a chair, and then, one by one, the men spew their loads all over his face and chest. I have to say, Butch Dixon sure has a way of making a birthday party fun!

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