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Rusty Stevens fucks Jake Steel

October 31st, 2009

If there’s one thing tight bros do, it’s work out together. Jake Steel is sitting out for this lifting session, but Rusty Stevens is cranking iron at full bore. He’s putting up some serious plates this time, which always gives Rusty an intense erection. Jake has noticed the chubby under Rusty’s blue spandex and wants a closer look!

Rusty knows Jake’s tight hole is just what the doctor ordered for a post-workout cool-down. Rusty’s muscles are seriously swolt and Jake’s asshole is itching for this muscle man’s cock. He wants to make sure Rusty’s dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he sucks him off a little before getting railed on the workout bench. Drop your dumbbells gentlemen and get ready to pump those cocks to an intense workout!

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Orgy time at Next Door Buddies

June 2nd, 2009

It’s orgy time again…or shall we say initiation time once again. Who’s the initiate? None other than the sexy 23 year old Justin Ryder. Things are getting hot at Next Door Buddies.

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