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Boys abused by group of soldiers

November 2nd, 2012

A Terrorist Attack

The day almost draws to a night when Kostja and Ahmed go through the hardest time in their young lives. Naked and tied they were dragged outside and commanded to suck the group of soldiers. They suffer a lot – especially Kostja.

This shy and silent boy didn’t even shower together with the other boys in school because he didn’t want somebody to see him naked. He feels extremely humiliated and degraded. Ahmed, who has already been imprisoned one time before, knows that he just has to obey. And to hope for all to be over soon.

To humiliate those two wannabe-terrorists even more the soldiers let them lick their dirty, heavy boots. Then the start to fuck the boys. This could all be bearable for the prisoners. But they have no idea of what will happen to them next. Will they have a fair trial? Or what will the Army do with them. But they have no time to think about it.

The soldiers want more. They want to see their cum shots. Both boys are commanded to jerk off. Ahmed needs a whole while to get hard but he finally manages to shoot his load. Kostja has more problems. Even though he tries very hard his body is betraying him. The soldiers start to call him names and to bully him. After a while the soldiers get ordered back into the barrack. Both boys were left alone. Still naked and tied. A special punishment.

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Abusing straight boy Bryan

July 9th, 2012

Straight boy Bryan abused

Athletic, muscular and handsome, this straight young lad thinks very highly of himself. It’s time to bring him down to earth by demonstrating what a foul beast he really is.  Bryan is given a stern lesson in dog training where he must demean himself crawling naked across the floor on the sensitive tips of his elbows and knees.

Dave inserts a buttplug up his arse so he feels every movement deep in his arse as he lumbers painfully across the floor. Whenever he pushes it out of his hole Dave gives his butt a sharp whack with the paddle to drive it back in.

Nick arrives on the scene to admire what a fine pup Dave is parading around. He kindly gives the dog his thick cock to suck on while Dave fucks his widened arsehole. Panting and thoroughly debased Bryan is covered in his master’s fresh spunk.

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Abusing an arrogant straight lad

June 23rd, 2010

Nicholas enjoys a sunny day in the theme park with his girlfriend. He doesn’t know he has been watched for quite some time already and he can certainly not expect what is going to happen to him that afternoon. Here’s what happened:

Nicholas wanders momentarily away from his girlfriend, who’s distracted by a stall. After half an hour of Reuben and I muttering to each other what we’re going to do to the unsuspecting straight boy, our cocks aching in our jeans, our chance has finally come. We rush him from behind, snatching him away at speed, our hands over his mouth, whisking him out of a quiet exit before his girlfriend’s even turned round. Nicholas is ours.

Nicholas is one of the hottest young men we’ve ever got our hands on. And our rampant cocks are aching in our jeans, getting stiffer by the second as we tie up the struggling straight boy, making him utterly helpless. His ankles spread, his legs tied apart and his wrists bound together, Nicholas soon realises it’s futile to spit and swear at us, and a few well timed slaps and threats drum the message home.

But even as the tears roll down his cheeks, the resistant bastard won’t stop fighting. It just gives us more pleasure as we begin the cruel series of torments we’ve planned for the cunt – starting with pegs on his heavy dangling cock. “Please! No! Stop!” he begs between screams, as he realises I’m also tying a huge brick to his suffering balls. “For fucks sake!” he yelps, as I begin to loosen my grip on the brick.

I drop it. Nicholas howls in agony as the brick yanks his balls down almost to the floor. “AAAAAGHHH!” We just laugh, and pick up our next instruments of punishment – the electric zappers.

We shock the writhing, yelling man countless times – on his arse, back, legs, on his strained cock and balls, and even in nasty little spots like behind his ears, eliciting maximum agony with minimum effort. Nicholas screeches his head off, sobbing for mercy, but we don’t stop until he’s promised, between curse words, to do what we want. And we want his mouth and his arse. Now.

Tears glisten in Nicholas’s unhappy eyes as I order him to get his mouth on my erect cock. His lips curl up in disgust as he opens his unwilling mouth to pleasure me, and I shout at him to suck it properly as I grab his head and shove my dick right down his convulsing, choking throat.

Reuben, meanwhile, slides his throbbing prick into Nicholas’s tight anus, pushing past the hairy cheeks to avail himself of the joys of the reluctantly clenched hetero guts within. My facefucking gets faster and faster until I’m literally pounding in and out of his head, rendering him unable to breathe or even make a noise of protest.

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Straight guy tortured and abused

February 13th, 2010

Todd is almost at his physical limit, but I make him endure more. Trussed up and bent over a bench, I order him to pull himself up over and over again. He’s soon groaning, pleading for me to let him stop. Out come the whips. A flogger on his inviting naked arse soon gets him moving again, with every lift obviously agony for his burning muscles. I take a crop to his now red cheeks, and lash him with the unforgiving stick, which yields a few more laboured crunches.

When Todd can absolutely do no more, I give him a few blows with the nastiest paddle I own. He is broken. Time to put him to use. Since the lazy cunt seems to want a rest, I strap him up in an unforgiving kneeling bondage position, his muscular arms held behind him, rendering him bent and helpless. With his head so conveniently placed, and my tools of pain so close at hand, it’s not surprising that he isn’t able to stop me forcing my cock into his unwilling mouth.

I slide my hard dick in and out of his face, gagfucking his throat, pressing his head all the way down to make him swallow the whole length. When I’ve finished with his mouth, I immediately plug his now defunct hole with an inflatable gag, blowing up the inner bulb to its biggest size, completely muffling any sounds the unhappy straight man may be about to make at my forthcoming assault on his anus.

With his only positional choices being head up on head down, all Todd can do is tense up and scream into his gag as I slam my rigid cock into his temptingly raised arsehole. His smooth, firm cheeks provide a stunningly horny frame to the sight of my meat being rammed in and out of one of the tightest holes I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. Todd groans and tries to move away, but all it takes is a firm grip on his arm harness, pushing his face to the bench and keeping his anus humiliatingly available for my use. A faceload of my hot spunk cements Todd’s new place in the gym pecking order – cum covered sex toy.

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