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Straight boy gets a helping hand

Rocko said he might be up for doing a Helping Hand video, but wanted to wait until after he got out of the military. So, fresh out of the Marines he gave me a call. He’s got one big dick I knew was going to be fun to jerk off.

There was a cute nervousness about him during the shoot. Like most of the straight guys, he was a little surprised at not only how quick his dick got hard, but at one point he had to stop me because he was going to bust too soon. I could tell something was up by the look on his face so I asked if he was alright.

“Yeah. I already feel like I’m gonna go. I don’t know why.”

I tried to keep him on the edge for as long as I could before putting him down on his back for the grand finale. He ended up blowing a sticky load of cum all over my hand and his furry stomach, with a little “Oh fuck” gasp of disbelief at what just happened.

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Brit bloke Jamie jerks off

Fast cars and fast women are what 19 year old Jamie is all about. When he and his mate, out very own Jake S, hit the town no girl in her right mind could possibly resist. Not to mention one or two of us I have to add.

Just imagine Jake with his ten inch monster and Jamie with his own impressive member and you have all the ingredients needed for a high octane meet – or should that be meat? Foot fetishists can see a dazzling display of toe sucking, the horniest I have ever seen.

Jamie gives us a wonderful video, standing up we get so close to his throbbing dick it is within mouths reach, sofa fucking and wanking hard he finally comes over himself from above, almost a self facial. But he makes up for it, scooping some of his tasty spunk and licking it from his fingers. High octane stuff indeed.

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