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Hot interracial blowjob

Jamal and Sean were both in need of some extra spending money and they both know the quickest way to earn the dough they needs is from the guys at Broke Straight Boys. Sean had recently been in to see the guys and had gotten fucked in his ass for the first time. He said he wasn’t doing that again, but he was down for sucking some cock. He was a little bit nervous though because he had never messed around with a black guy and assumed he had a huge cock. He assumed correctly.

The guys stripped down and Sean thought he could handle Jamal’s cock so he leaned in and went for it. He started out slow, but quickly let his mind drift and really started sucking some cock. Jamal even commented that Sean sucked a mean dick for a white boy as he pushed his head down so Sean could take all his cock down his throat. Sean got Jamal rock hard with his mouth, but Jamal was so big he had to stretch his lips to get them around that thundering piece of black meat. Continue…

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