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British lad Ryan Days jerks off

November 28th, 2012

Ryan Days jerks his big uncut cock

Cute 19 yr old rugby playing lad Ryan Days chats first, then shows off his big beefy legs and throbbing bulge as he strips off his sports kit and jerks off his big juicy uncut dick in different positions, before shooting his hot spunk load over himself. Be sure to check out this horny jerk off video!

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Cute Puerto Rican jerks his 10 inch uncut latin dick

April 18th, 2012

Pothead jerks his 10 inch uncut cock

Pothead is a hot young Puerto Rican who is really fun to hang out with. He is a recent Miami resident having grown up in New York…I am really glad that he decided to move south and have fun with us in sunny Miami! With his baggy clothes on you can tell that Pothead is a skinny guy but once he drops those baggy clothes you immediately see the bulge in his shorts and you know that you are in for a treat!

Of course I was expecting a big dick since he had called me up and told me that he had 10 inches. I told him that I have heard that before but they always fell a little “short” of the mark – So I was pleased to see that he was true to his word. What a cock! Pothead is straight but very much into sex so he has no problem doing the “gay for pay” stuff.

Since this shoot was done Pothead has gone on to a very successful porn video career and we are very happy that he showed off that world famous uncut Latin meat in this exclusive shoot!

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Jacek jerks his uncut cock for Chaosmen

February 13th, 2012

Jacek for Chaosmen

Jacek moved to the U.S. from Poland when he was 9-years-old. Not an accent on him, but he sure has the stereotypical big Polish sausage on him!  Actually the big unit on him was kind of a surprise as it just kept getting bigger and bigger as the shoot went on. His submitted pics didn’t seem so…well…endowed!

The girls love his sparkling green/blue eyes, and his bubble-butt. He is not a Player, but he finds it easy to talk to girls. In fact he had three gorgeous girls chatting him up as he got off the plane and came down the escalators to baggage claim with him. He apparently met them on his flight to Austin. Not shy, but not cocky at all. Confident. Secure. Sexy!

He jacks-off a couple times a day, and even enjoys semi-public sex. A very sexual guy. He struggled a bit to stay hard during the shoot, which kind of surprised him.

Like a pervy old man, I kinda told him he was jerking off all wrong. Between takes I demonstrated a few techniques and he was all, “I had no idea!”  Kind of surprising given that he gets lot of attention from the ladies- surely they want to go all piggy on his big cock?

There is a spoiler at the end with me in it, so if you don’t like seeing me in a video, then just turn the video off after the final logo.

I guess I had planted an idea in his head after the jerk-off demo. He suddenly thought that he was not going to get-off on his own,  so if you like behind the scenes OutTakes and want to know what really happened- then stay-tuned to the end!

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Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

August 31st, 2011

Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

With his carmel colored skin, incredibly handsome face and warm personality you won’t know if you want to snuggle with Sean Zevran or fuck his brains out.  On the surface he’s a little shy, and that large toothy grin makes you think of the whole boy next door thing.  But once he strips down and shows off that beautiful hairy chest of his, running his hands all over his hard pecs and down to his hard throbbing cock, you know this guy means business.

He loves sex in the shower so we started off by shooting him with hot steamy water cascading down his sexy body, just to fuel your fantasies a little more.  He loves sex, and especially loves to be rimmed.  And while his bashfulness might make you think he’s not as daring as you would like, he confessed to us that he’d love noting more than to have some hot steamy sex in the shower at a gym, a place where just anyone could walk in and catch him.  Between his adorable face and hot sexy body, Sean is sure to become a new Randy Blue favorite.

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Adam Rexx for Randy Blue

May 17th, 2011

Adam Rexx at Randy Blue

Adam Rexx could turn heads whenever he walks into a room.  First, there’s his hight.  He tends to tower over those around him.  And his handsome face and James Dean styled upswept brown hair give him the look of someone whom you could either ask out on a date or hook up with in a bathroom stall.  A wicked angel if you will.  He slowly peels off his shirt and reveals a smooth chest with the sexiest of treasure trails meandering down his flat stomach to a nice big thick piece of man meat.

You can tell by his first solo that he’s a great lay.  He starts off gentle, sensually exploring his body.  Furtively reaching into his sexy briefs for a quick grope of his junk, teasing you with flashes of his pubes and his obscenely large bulge.  Then he gets more intense as he finally releases the beast and starts really working it.

Once he’s totally turned on he lets one hand do all the work on his rock hard cock while the other playfully dances along his torso and reaches down to his ass.  And once his hole gets teased a bit he just has to flip over and show it off for a while.  Then he really gets into working his dick until he shoots a nice big thick load all over the pavement, making sure to lap up any extra that remains on his hand.

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Alt guy Alex Phoenix solo

April 26th, 2011

This hot jerk off video begins with a quick interview telling us a little bit about alternative boy Alex Phoenix. Cute Alex jerks off, moaning and groaning while he plays with his cock until he explodes and shoots into his face and hair! Great video with an amazing cumshot!

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