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Scally lads Cal and Kyle

Cal is a postman and when he delivered a package to Kyle he got more than he bargained for. Kyle immediately took a shine to this chavvy lad and complimented him on his own package! Cal then invited Kyle to open it up! Kyle took Cal straight upstairs and these horny fuckers then got dirty on the bed.

Kyle ripped of Cal’s hi-viz jacket and shirt and trousers. These slim, toned lads were both rock hard and wasted no time sucking each other off, before doing some hot “69-ing”. Both lads smoked and drank beer whilst been sucked off – as scally boys do! Kyle turned on to his front and Cal stuck his tongue deep up his cute arse. He spat into Kyle’s hole to lube it up further. He really loved eating out that shaved man-hole.

Cal is usually a bottom lad but he was so horned up that he agreed to fuck Kyle. First he “spooned” him, then did him from behind standing up. Kyle loved Cal’s big, thick uncut cock inside him, but was keen to fuck Cal’s tight hole. The boys flipped and Kyle proceeded to pound Cal hard and deep.

Enjoy as Cal keeps moaning and exclaiming “fuck, fuck”! The lads wanked off some more before shooting their loads. First Cal shot a huge squirt of cum all over Kyle’s face and mouth. Kyle licked it up and swallowed it. Then Kyle returned the favour by shooting his hot white jizz into Cal’s face, hitting him straight in the eye. Painful!

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Blake and Evan fuck for cash

Evan and Blake were in the house today. If you remember Blake is twenty years old and was visiting us on a mini vacation. I love it when the boys just drop by to say hi and maybe fuck for us for cash. Evan was also with us and he is also looking for a bit of cash. He is doing odd jobs landscaping and can always use a few more greenbacks.

I found out that both boys are single and on the prowl trying to find a cute guy to hang with. What is amazing is that both of these boys have great bodies and they don’t even work out. That is so sucky for us that have to push our limits to stay trim. When I saw those naked chests I offered them $300.00 to go down on each other, and Evan suggested $400.00. I quickly accepted that offer and since these guys have never hooked up I figured that would be worth watching.

Blake moves over to check out Evan and help him get his jeans off. Blake teases Evan’s cock in his shorts, before pulling them off and pulling down his foreskin to get a good taste. He doesn’t waste time getting to that cock and licks and sucks it getting Evan super hard. It made getting his jeans all the way off a bit difficult and he had to stop licking and sucking to help him get those constricting pants off.

Evan states that Blake is doing a great job gobbling his cock, and you can see it from his closed eyes and great smile to the little moans that he gives out as Blake eats his meat. Blake is very talented with his tongue so Evan pulls him up to give him some deep kisses and nibble on his chest. Evan continues to lick his way down Blake’s toned tummy to his belly button before reaching out and helping him out of his jeans and underwear. When he does Blake’s throbbing cock bounces out and right into Evan’s mouth. Evan does a great job taking all of that hard beating cock and Blake states he is doing fucking great.

Blake loves the way he not only sucks on his dick, but strokes it while he nibbles at his tummy. When he goes back he deep throats all of Blake’s young cock. Blake can’t handle this anymore and slowly pushes his big ass cock deep into his ass missionary style. Evan wants a deeper fuck and tells him to switch so that Blake is dipping his hard cock deep into Evan’s ass doggie style. Blake knows exactly how to tool a tight ass and he proves it as he bones the shit out of Evan making him beg and moan as he gets his ass ridden hard.

He rides that ass until they both sit down to stroke those hard cocks while they watch each other. Evan cums first and that cock creams his six pack abs. Then it is time for Blake to shoot a heavy load himself as Evan watches him create a wet nasty mess on his own stomach while licking and tasting his own wet jizz.

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Kissing, sucking, fucking

Two guys who have made a name for themselves in the adult industry, both in and out of Randy Blue, are Blake Riley and Ryan Rockford. These guys have thrilled gay men all over the world with their hot bodies and sexual escapades. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got this powerhouse duo together in one scene.

Ryan, with his handsome chiseled features and really buff muscular body, is usually known for his exceptional bottom skills. But I wanted to turn the tables a little and let him be the top. And Blake, who’s just amazing at anything he does, was the perfect bottom for him.

The chemistry between these two was apparent from the minute they met. In fact, I turned on the camera early so you guys could see how well they were getting along, and how cute they were together. This really made this video something special because you know they both enjoyed themselves. And the way these two horny studs talk dirty to each other, not to mention Blake’s incredibly sensual moaning, makes this a cum drenched video a keeper.

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